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Grandpa has disappeared! But Sonny finds a mysterious message and a map. He immediately sets off with Sprutte to find Grandpa and free him from the world’s biggest knot. Along the way, they get help from new friends. A singing bull, a pig with a cold, and they have to untie a lot of knots. Can Sonny save his missing grandfather?

I like this release. It does not look like anything I have read before, but is completely its own. It will certainly capture the youngest audience that will no doubt demand to have it read over and over again.

About The Book

Da bedstefar forsvandt, is the 2nd book from DotDotLand and the DOTDOT series. Kalle and his best friend Sonny live here. The two love to go on adventures with their dotdots.

In the first book, Da giraffen slog knude, there were to many knots in the ZOO. Kalle and Sonny had to use their dotdots magical powers to handle with the knots.

Sing the magic dotdot song – and two dotdots transform into a new dotdot.

The special thing about dotdots, is that two can join together when you sing the magic dotdot song. Then they transform into a new dotdot!

In the new book, it is Sonny who sets off to find his missing grandfather. Sprutte is his squid-dotdot and together they must solve all the new knots they encounter. A story about that a knot do not resolve itself.

Whimsical and entertaining story filled with humor, coziness and atmosphere. A fine narrative delivered with a detailed and warm drawing style that brings the characters and the action to life.

Maria M. - København on

2nd book in the dotdot universe is a really nicely illustrated book. Here is an obvious opportunity to teach the little ones to tie their first knot, and it will hardly be more cozy than doing it with Kalle, Sonny and all the dotdots.

Oswald - Odense on Apple Books

"Da bedstefar forsvandt" is a hit, and the two little ones totally bought it.
5 out of 5 stars.

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